20 Jo Suburi

The 20 Jo Suburi demonstrated by Jason Austad Sensei. October 9, 2017

Suburi #15 has a variation resulting in “21” suburi, but officially there are 20 jo suburi. Please also note that some schools perform Toma Katate Uchi (12) before Katate Gedan Gaeshi (11).


Phonetic spellings of the names of the suburi are:
1. Cho-ku ski,  2. Kae-i-shi ski,  3. Ushiro (eww shee row) ski,
4. Ski gaedan gaish, 5. Ski jo-dan gaish,
6. Shomen-uchi komee, 7. Renzoku uchi komie,
8. Menuchi gaedan gaish, 9. Menuchi ushiro ski, 10. Gyaku yokomen ushiro ski,
11. Ka-tah-te toma uchi (a.k.a. Toma katate uchi), 12. Katate gaedan gaish, 13. Katate hachi noshi gaish,
14. Hasso  (hah-so) gaish menuchi, 15. Hasso gaish ski, 15a. Hasso gaish ski sugi ma doesh,
16. Hasso gaish ushiro ski, 17. Hasso gaish ushiro uchi, 18. Hasso gaish ushiro barai,
19. Hidari nagare gaish uchi, 20. Migi (meegee) nagare gaish ski


From the Aikido Bismarck Student Handbook:


Tsuki No Bu
1  Choko Tsuki
2  Kaeshi Tsuki
3  Ushiro Tsuki
4  Tsuki Gedan Gaeshi
5  Tsuki Jodan Gaeshi

Shomen No Bu
6  Shomen Uchi Komi
7  Renzoku Uchi Komi
8  Shomen Uchi Gedan Gaeshi
9  Shomen Uchi Ushiro Tsuki
10  Gyaku Yokomen Ushiro Tsuki

Katate No Bu
11   Katate Gedan Gaeshi
12   Toma Katate Uchi
13   Katate Hachi No Ji Gaeshi

Hasso Gaeshi No Bu
14   Hasso Gaeshi Uchi
15   Hasso Gaeshi Tsuki
15a   Hasso Gaeshi Tsuki Sugimadosu
16   Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Tsuki
17   Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Uchi
18   Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Barai

Nagare Gaeshi No Bu
19   Hidari Nagare Gaeshi Uchi
20   Migi Nagare Gaeshi Tsuki

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