31 Kumi Jo – ShinShin

The 31 kumi jo performed during Melonie’s shodan test, April 10, 2018. In this video, Melonie is demonstrating the “uke” side and Sensei is performing the kata.

Notes from Mel:

This representation of the 31 kumi jo is mostly but not entirely the same as practiced by Shin Shin during our training at ASF. In this video, we have substituted the parry on move number 3 to be more like how it is traditionally performed by Saito Shihan. At this time (April 2018) Aikido Bismarck was already beginning our transition to Saito’s traditional 31 kumijo, however, THIS move is the only one we had changed at this point. The Shin Shin version uses a very basic uchi-otoshi movement as a parry for 3 and does not flip the nage’s jo over to from the left to the right.

I took this clip out of my shodan test video to provide an instructional clip for the school, it occurred at apx 77 minutes into my test. My apologies for the errors (I was getting a little tired at this point, I guess)! I did leave them in, though, and have annotated them in yellow subtitled text. 🙂

For reference, you can check out ASF’s video here:
You might notice that in this video, Yap Sensei performs the parry on 23 to the right instead of to the left. Jason and I noticed this change over time and towards 2016-2017, the parry on #23 was being done moving to the left as Jason showed on my testing video.

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