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A few of us have discussed the changes at Aikido Journal over the past year since the death of Aikido historian, Stanley Pranin.

We have noticed the change in the Aikido Journal website and have wondered where all the previous content disappeared to and even if our memberships are still in place.

​Well, I did some digging and found that although the new website on the url does not include very much of the old content YET (except for a few articles) …..
pretty much all of Stanley’s content can be found on “The Wayback Machine”, which is an internet archive.  So, for now, you can find almost all the articles you want here:

​I highly recommend downloading/ saving anything you want to ever read again, because who knows, might disappear.  Although the New Aikido Journal DOES claim that their intention is to republish it ALL.  And hopefully they are able to accomplish that.

Another thing I discovered is that the subdomain
is still operational, although I see no link to it from
Maybe they are leaving it up until they can get the new membership system in place.  For now, NO membership renewal check is being done to access these articles.  Also check out “Complete Aikido” in there.

This site also has an absolute wealth of Stan’s works.  I tried our old (expired) member login and it still worked

Password:  aiKi2015+

According to their post from a month ago, they are going to leave this site up until they have copied everything over to the new server, however, they say they are “cleaning up” the old articles, so I am not sure if that is just regarding formatting or is not all will make it to the new website.

Again, I recommend saving the items you have interest in, just in case!

Author: Mel

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