Kumi Tachi #1

Ichi no Kumi Tachi. (1 of 5) These are paired practices of bokken vs. bokken. Uchi tachi is Mel throughout this video.

2019 Edit: The second strike should be to the wrist. In our previous studies, we were instructed to strike a yokomen to the head, but this was corrected for us by Mark Larson Sensei. We will re-record this kumitachi. See also below for more demonstration links.

Note: “Uchi tachi” = attacking sword, “Uke tachi” = receiving sword.

In Taijitsu, however, the attacker is ultimately the receiver of the aikido technique, so he/she called “uke” and the one performing the throw is called “nage”. This is how I understand the vocabulary, currently (-Mel). Nage is also called “tori” in some dojos…

nage: “thrower” (term used at Aikido Bismarck)
tori: “executor of a technique in partnered practice”
shite (sh’tay): “performing hand”, “person that performs a technique”

See more demos on Youtube:
MORIHIRO SAITO Sensei – KUMITACHI 1 + 4 VARIATIONS (Aikido Lost Seminar France 1989)
MARK LARSON – Aikido Weapons Kumitachi

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