Spring 2021 Session – Daytime

The 2nd daytime kids session of 2021 is open for registration!  Current students may register now. New students can register on/after March 4th.

Classes for this session are scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 9th and will end April 22nd.  This session will also have 6 weeks of classes but with a week break: Mar 23-25th.

  • Classes will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm for 1 hour.
  • The cost for this session is $50 per student.
  • The youth Aikido curriculum is designed for 8 year olds through 15, but 7 year olds will also be accepted.
  • Please register as soon as possible.  There is a class maximum of 14.

Current families with no changes to contact information or health information can combine participants in one registration form.

Youth Registration
I am registering my child for the following program:

Please select: *

Please list any relevant physical or health conditions of the participant that we should know about before we begin training Aikido together.

Please select: *
Do you have any neck, shoulder, wrist or other joint problems or past injuries? *
Do you have now or have you ever had problems with dizziness? *
Have you had a concussion in the past year? *
If there HAS been a concussion in the past year, have you been released by a physician to participate in contact sports?
Are there any other concerns, medically or socially or any other?

New members, please download and complete our liability form and bring to the first class.  liability_release_Aikido-Bismarck

After registration is received and processed, you can pay at the Paylpal Link below. Students in the same family can be combined.  Alternately, a check (or cash payment) can be brought to the first class. Thank you!

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